TENNIS 101 - specializing in high quality private and group tennis instruction for adults and children in Orange County, California
TENNIS 101 - specializing in high quality private and group tennis instruction for adults and children in Orange County, California
To successfully attain the skill set necessary to become a competent recreational player, or a legitimate
competitive player, requires a solid foundation of fundamental skills.

The Langdon Method enables a student of any age or skill level to learn and perfect the basics of form
and technique through active on-court instruction. Utilizing a variety of proven drills within a progressive
learning method, a student is systematically guided through the fundamentals of stroke formation and
footwork, while concurrently developing the brain and muscle memory necessary for excellent consistency
in the three major strokes of the game: ground strokes, serve, and volley.

For the beginner, the entire sport is broken down into increments that are studied in a step-by-step
process, to enable the student to acquire the requisite hand-eye coordination, timing, and spatial relations.

For the intermediate and advanced level player, the program offers a vast array of shot specific and game
situational drills for singles and doubles, that offers the student the opportunity to master more complex
shot selection, and strategic play, in a simulated competitive environment.

Over the years, the Langdon Method has produced many college and high school tennis players,
numerous successful junior tournament players, and thousands of recreational players, whom have all
developed a love for the sport through their mastery of the fundamentals, and superior proficiency.

The success that Greg Langdon and this methodology have enjoyed is due largely to his experience as a
teacher, his philosophy of combining a structured learning environment with fun and fitness, and his
passion for the sport of tennis.
How You'll Learn
...You make tennis  accessible to everyone! Your method breaks down
complicated tasks into a succession of simpler parts to make the difficult doable!
Barbara Mark, Coto de Caza
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